Protecting Patients with Long Term Conditions

At the present moment we are all very aware that people with Long Term Conditions may be more at risk of severe complications from COVID19, should they catch the virus. Horizon Healthcare has implemented several changes to the way that we interact with our patients to reduce the risk to them. This may be through telephone consultations and medication reviews or socially distanced waiting room with small numbers of patients coming into the surgery in pre booked slots.

With this in mind, we are setting up new ways that allow our patients to provide us with essential information that can be easily obtained in the community without the need to come to the surgery eg their up to date weight, height, blood pressure, smoking status or filling a simple questionnaire about their long term condition. We believe that this should empower our patients to better manage their health and at the same time reduce their risk of infection. We will continue to monitor the system to make sure it is efficient.

We are always very happy to move towards any changes which will protect our patients and reduce any risks to their health.