PPG Newsletter January 2021

A slightly belated Happy New Year to all our patients from members of the Patient Participation Group.
Well, 2020 was a most difficult year for us all and like many of you, we have been forced to work remotely through “Zoom” meetings. The Covid-19 virus has impacted us all and possibly changed society, certainly for the foreseeable future. For those of you that may have lost loved ones during this dreadful pandemic our condolences go to all.
There were some positives however. The resurgence and recognition of the value of “community”, a greater number of people taking up exercise and of course the return of nature as human activity slowed. We had reports of increase wildlife in housing areas, even deer along the green spaces that come into the city.
Now, we can all look forward positively with the arrival of a number of vaccines that will provide us with protection against this vicious virus. At this time, progress with vaccinations for the over 80’s and those in care homes is rapidly being completed and attention turning to the over 70+ group. Our Practice is participating along with all Derby GP practices in providing staff, resources and time to this task. For the time being vaccinations will not take place at the surgery, but rather the Velodrome (Derby Arena) on Pride Park, that has been equipped to handle the numbers of people involved. The greater the take up of these vaccines, the sooner we can move to a more normal lifestyle and that social interaction that we have all missed and need. So we urge everyone to take up this opportunity as soon as you ae notified by the Practice that it is your turn.
One final thought. Just as we have fears about our safety and desire to get out and meet loved ones and friends again, please think about the staff at the surgery. They too share our fears and hopes for the future, but each day they tend to our health and welfare needs in the best way they possibly can, so a very big thank you to them all for their continued work and support.
From the Patient Participation Group.