Patient Participation Group Message to All Horizon Healthcare Patients – 11/05/20

The peak of the COVID-19 epidemic appears to have passed but the situation remains critical. As the government carefully removes the restrictions on society, the opportunity for this virus to flare up once again remains a very serious possibility. It follows that the mandate to ‘Stay Safe, self-distance’ remains of the upmost importance for all. Remember, the virus is not particular about who it attacks. It is at this time our thoughts are with those that have lost loved ones or those that are currently fighting off the virus.

In early March, the COVID-19 virus had not really troubled us, but just weeks later, our NHS was facing 19,000 new patients every day. That is an astonishing increase in workload compounded by the enforced changes necessary to protect you and I and the NHS employees from this killer virus. The many changes required to ensure the ongoing delivery of medical care to all its patients has been extremely difficult. All of us have been inconvenienced in some way, some perhaps more than others, but they were necessary to protect you, your family and friends.

It is highly unlikely that life will ever be quite the same again but we want you to know that we are continuing to support the Practice in whatever way we can. The Practice has been magnificent in the way it has continued to provide medical care to the community despite the changes forced upon it. We ask you as patients to continue the self-discipline required in your lives to ensure you stay safe at all times and showing understanding to staff in the months ahead as slowly, but surely, we recover from this crisis.

Remember ‘STAY ALERT’.

Thank you