Hospital Etiquette

After and during your attendance at hospital, the hospital must ensure that you are provided with the following services:

  • Hospitals must issue fit notes covering the full period until the date by which it is anticipated that you will have recovered
  • Hospitals must respond to your queries for matters relating to your care rather than asking the patient to contact their GP
  • Hospitals must not transfer your management under shared care agreements unless it has been agreed with your GP
  • Hospital clinic letters must be received by the GP within 10 days
  • The hospital must issue medication following your outpatient attendance to cover the period between your appointment and your GP receiving your discharge letter
  • The results of your investigation requested by hospital clinicians should be communicated by the hospital directly to you
  • The hospital should directly liaise with you should you miss an outpatient appointment rather than ask your GP to re-refer
  • The hospital should make direct internal referrals to another department or clinician for related medical problems rather than send you back to your GP for a new referral
  • This is part of the national hospital contract please ensure that your hospital is giving you the service you are entitled to