Boundary to Encompass all of Mackworth Homes

Mackworth is an area of Derby located to the west of the City Centre, which follows the line of the A52. The population of Mackworth expanded significantly in the post war period due to the Mackworth Housing Estate to the west of the A38, which developed the ward to the extent of the city boundary.

However more recently a number of brown field sites have been developed and are still in the process of being developed with new housing developments largely in the form of apartments and student housing, due to the proximity of Derby University.

These areas have not been within the boundary of a GP Surgery as they were previously non-residential brown field sites. Now this population growing and thriving, however needs access to all local facilities.

Having reviewed these comments we can confirm that we already had a plan in place to increase services to Mackworth to include more services than that which had previously been offered by the Humbleton and Tufnell combined before. Comments and replies to patients did include this information to allay fears.

With a healthy increase in our clinical staffing levels across the board with permanent staff we anticipate that, when the Mackworth site is assessed as COVID safe, we will be able to offer a bigger and better service to all, including any patients from the new estates.

Moving forwards Derby and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group are considering the options for Horizon Healthcare and other local GP surgeriesto allow better access for all patients in this area and to provide a wider variety of services. Horizon Healthcare are proud to be an NHS surgery and committed to serve all of the patients of Mackworth.

Please feel free to comment about the Boundary incompassing all of Mackworth via our Website “Feedback” button.